Web siteniz neden ilk sayfada değil?

Öğrenmek için formu doldurun ve gönderin, ücretsiz analiz fırsatını kaçırmayın.

    You’ve created a new website to increase traffic and leads to your business, but you can’t find it anywhere on the first page of Google. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effectively requires you to devote enough time to the original content you upload to your site.

    The truth is that no SEO expert or agency can guarantee your site to appear on the first page of search engine results. Here are the reasons:

    Ranking on Google Requires a Consistent Web Presence

    There is no one-time complete solution or service that will make your site rank high on Google organically over time. Google and other search engines are constantly changing their search algorithms to provide the best search results for their users. Basically, your business site should consistently produce useful and original content with blogs, case studies and other educational information.

    If Google sees your site useful for users, your rankings will increase over time as you continue to create new content.

    Calls From Nearby Locations Affect Your Ranking

    As mobile search has become a priority for many search engine users, Google has begun to rank search results based on physical positioning. Local search results for users will depend on their location. If your business location is not close to the searcher’s position, your chances of ranking on the first page may decrease, although not for every keyword type. There are SEO tactics for businesses that serve far from their physical location. Location pages are an effective way to improve your search results in other cities served by your business. These pages are created to highlight a specific geographic area on businesses’ websites and target their consumers.

    Competition Level

    There is no way to keep the competition that your business website encounters in search engine results stable at all times. Because we cannot predict what kind of SEO work other businesses that offer similar products and services near you will try to rank at the top of Google. This is a never-ending challenge.

    If you’re just starting SEO practices on your site, probably most of your competitors have made significant progress in SEO over the past few years. First page ranking in organic results takes time and requires long-term, regular and consistent original content sharing. If your business is new to SEO, you shouldn’t expect overnight success for your website to rank.

    Google AdWords pay-per-click places your site at the top of search results regardless of your SEO practices. With this method, you are promoting your site to contribute to your future organic ranking.

    Proper SEO work can bring more traffic to your business website by generating leads and brand exposure. As we mentioned, achieving an organic first page rank on Google requires a series of consistent work and continually updating and maintaining Content and web presence according to a specific strategy.

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