Keyword research is an SEO study that explores popular words and phrases, the way people enter search engines. Researching keywords allows marketers to better understand the demand for specific keywords and the requirements and challenges of competing for those terms in organic search results, as they guide their optimization efforts.

That’s why keyword research is often the first step in any SEO campaign and is like a compass for your SEO work. 

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is about verifying how many times people search for certain keywords as well as researching the writing language people use to research an idea or topic.

Therefore, researching popular keywords is not only a big part of search engine optimization, it is also an essential element of content marketing as a whole.

This research helps us learn more about user needs and the search environment.  It helps us stay up to date with the ever-changing spelling language.

By researching the words that people type in search engines and creating content with this research will provide more accurate traffic to your site.

How is keyword research done?

Keyword research begins with the main keyword or seed keyword that is an idea. This word can come from your industry knowledge or from the products and services you offer.

First of all, it is necessary to create a keyword list. To diversify this list of keywords, write down the terms you will discover as you browse websites and social networks. Once you have a good enough list, review and note how popular each keyword is and its position for you and your competitors on search engine results pages. I recommend using a tool to do this faster.

The Google Ads application is very convenient and free to measure keyword volume and competitive values. However, Google Ads Keyword Planner does not instantly show SERP results, ie positions in the search result rankings.  You must use a separate application for SERP results.

When you search for your main term in practice, you will get detailed information about the word’s popularity and difficulty. This research will also bring new keyword ideas to your mind.

Keyword combination tool

It easily and instantly generates a keyword combination to cover all the different variations of keywords.

Primary Keyword Phrases   Desired Variables (city, state etc.)  
Desired Variables (city, state etc.)   Desired Variables (city, state etc.)  

If you're using this for Google Ad Words, you likely want to leave these boxes checked.
Retain Broad Match   Add Exact Match   Add Modified Broad Match
Add Phrase Match   Add Negative Match

 Checking this box CHANGES this tool, so it will generate EXACTLY what you input. Do do not use with the Adwords match types.

This option KEEPS any spaces or other characters you may add, like pipes, spaces etc. and will NOT add its own spaces for use in Adwords.