SEO Consulting

A professional SEO Consultant can reach your local, national and international online sales goals faster.

Promote your business to a wider, international audience. Build a multilingual and multi-country web presence. International SEO consultant to deeply understand your target market and set up your targeting accurately.

SEO Consulting

SEO & SEM Consulting

SEO consultant with a set of successful references in your international SEO projects, whether nationally or in English, to create a system for online success, to make it easier for you to adapt to meaningful connections and target-level views, to reach your potential customers in your markets and to gain permanent customers, more than basic SEO practices. .

Get consultancy for your technical optimization, content development and promotion work

In digital marketing processes, a lack of SEO consultants can result in an undesirable type of user experience. Working with an SEO consultant on your campaigns can help you gain a solid understanding of SEO. Localized content targeting a specific audience behavior in each country market.  Certain terms used to describe seasonality, which may be different, Different local words used to describe products or services. Despite the common language, concepts formed according to preferences that vary from country to country.


What do you get with SEO Consulting?

We have helped companies in many SEO projects. However, if you only need one or two types of optimization, SEO consulting is the best solution for you.


Analysis, planning, management and implementation in all business cycles of processes to increase SEO performance

English SEO

The initial goal in our Corporate SEO Consulting is to achieve the right balance between keyword selection and campaign budget for international SEO. The high competition for high volume, high conversion keywords means enormous expense and several years of effort.

For a budget-friendly strategy, targeting medium-volume and long-tail keywords where competition is not high, but has high conversion potential, is more appropriate for small, medium, and even large firms. As we do keyword research for more than 100 sites in SEO, by looking closely at volume, user intent, competitiveness and relevance, we have developed a robust methodology to identify the best keyword goals. We aim to make an advantageous start by finding keywords with fast conversion potential.

International SEO

International SEO campaigns tend to be very complex, and as campaign data comes in, there are constant changes in strategy and tactics over time. For this reason, and because it is our natural business style, we always emphasize transparency, open communication and information sharing with our customers. Because we believe that a knowledgeable customer is a great customer, we make every effort to inform you about the strengths, challenges and consequences of your campaign. The way we can achieve this is through detailed but easy-to-understand monthly reporting.

100% performance guarantee

International online success continues to be one of the foremost ways for a brand to gain global recognition, build a customer base. Global trends shape the international SEO strategy, but this is possible by following the usage trends that differentiate each region. SEO can become a scalable and highly profitable marketing channel if businesses adapt to the technical, linguistic and cultural nuances and approaches required by the target region. Given the ever-growing, global Internet population, international SEO is already an enormous opportunity.

Our SEO Consultancy has a proven track record in a number of industries, primarily in Bursa and Istanbul. 

What is an SEO Consultant and Why Do I Need It?

The SEO consultant is also an SEO expert. However, strategic services provided on websites without any manual intervention are called seo consulting. Individuals or companies that need experience in SEO and Digital marketing are provided with SEO consultancy, which is a combination of training and support. This support is based on the transfer of years of experience obtained from data on search engine and user behavior from dozens of websites in an understandable and anonymous format.

Bursa Seo, Consultancy, Education, Corporate Content Design.

SEO Consultant job description

You are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager / Consultant to include in your marketing team. The SEO Consultant will be responsible for planning, implementing and managing your SEO strategy.

Because your online presence is extremely important to business success, your consultant will play a huge role in ensuring the growth and success of your business.

SEO Consultant roles and responsibilities

Planning, developing and implementing your SEO strategy
Studies for organic search optimization and conversion maximization.
Regular Keyword searches
Building solid relationships with the marketing team
Determining SEO KPIs
Track referrals, click-through rate, bounce rate and other KPIs
Prepare and present reports regularly
Identifying online audiences
Identifying problems and deficiencies and implementing solutions in a timely manner
Suggesting improvements for process and productivity optimization
Proven success in SEO
5 years of web analytics, marketing and business development experience
Experience with A / B testing and other test metrics
HTML, CSS, JavaScript knowledge
Ability to analyze data and provide evidence-based recommendations
Critical thinker and problem solving skills
Team player
Time management skills
Communication skills

SEO Expertise