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A visitor-oriented SEO service that takes care of your digital performance, you can ensure that your business has the advantage of being ranked more in search engines.

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Welcome your customers on the first page

A seo specialist who prioritizes the content provides search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies to increase your popularity to help you develop your business.

Web design and development based on SEO principles, precise measurements, content optimization, concept SEO analysis, qualified content oriented SEO expertise for a better user experience.

SEO Expertise
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Achieve your digital marketing goals

We provide consultancy for the auditing and optimization of digital marketing channels such as websites, blog, video, display advertising, e-mail marketing, social media, paid search advertising.

We realize your digital marketing goals by publishing useful, relevant, unique, shareable content, directing internal link applications to traffic, using advanced search engine optimization techniques.

SEO Consultancy
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Customized SEO for your goals

The center of our business, which is an important process for increasing your visibility on Google and your digital performance, is in Bursa. With SEO work, we can help you grow by undertaking the establishment of your company’s digital presence and gaining new customers through web organic traffic. 

SEO studies to increase the visits to the physical stores of a certain location such as Bursa.

Bursa SEO

Safe, Accountable SEO

As an SEO Specialist, the goal of my optimizations is to maximize the volume of organic traffic from Google to a website to improve your digital performance. This task is accomplished through a combination of in-page and off-page techniques, including link building, social media strategy, viral marketing, metadata shaping, site speed optimization, content strategy, information architecture, and many more SEO components.

Production and optimization of text, image, video animation content specific to industry and company concept and different platforms.

Development of the capabilities of in-house SEO experts, corporate SEO training for effective campaign management.

SEO Service

Web Design, Development

Our work from Bursa covers all aspects of web design service. We create interesting websites that can express your company well and carry out successful Digital Marketing campaigns. We specialize in website design, compatible service for desktop and mobile devices, custom web software and search engine optimization.

We combine our design power (UI-UX) with our ranking capabilities (Google SEO) to get countless benefits with the way you do business online.

It is possible to make your web pages attractive for both users and search engines! Our Web Design understanding and techniques are a combination of user-oriented design and SEO strategies to create a great experience for search engines and visitors.

Web Tasarım + SEO

Proven Achievements, Professional SEO Specialist with Tens of References

The right SEO expert to conduct analysis, tracking, evaluation, implementation and reporting steps for improving the results of the search engines, which are ranked according to the queries of users, thanks to their algorithms, for a particular web property, to develop more special traffic from your target audience by developing special optimization strategies.

SEO consultancy in web architecture, social media, search profiles, content marketing and competitor analysis.

Free SEO Audit

Search engine optimization is a good investment to increase the reputation of your website and physical store. SEO is one of the best opportunities to achieve repeatable growth.

Industry Specific SEO Strategies

SEO Service, Corporate SEO Consultancy, Google SEO, Social Media Management, structured according to different degrees of factors that affect the competition of each industry, customized prices according to company, sector, goals and strategies.

What did our customers say?

We work regularly with SEO Expert Yılmaz Saraç, and meets all the requirements of our website, especially SEO. Our popularity in search results is higher than ever. We have provided a permanent position in highly competitive keywords in the education sector.

SEO Expert Yılmaz Saraç has been designing our websites and doing SEO studies for almost 10 years. We rely on their designs and angle of vision.

With SEO trainings of SEO Expert Yılmaz Saraç, we can now perform search engine optimization and related works within our own structure. 

EO Expert Yılmaz Saraç designed our website from the beginning and realized all our necessary work for SEO. Not only did we get better rankings in search results, our traffic and conversion rates increased by 500%. We rely on the way we tell our story and the understanding of SEO.

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1 yılda 30’ye yakın SEO projesinde kurumsal web sitelerinin aramalardaki görünürlüğünü ve kullanılabilirliğini iyileştirerek trafik ve dönüşümlerini artırmalarına yardımcı olduk.

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Frequently Asked

What You Wonder About SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing Services

What deos SEO mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO refers to optimization efforts focused on attracting website traffic through organic (natural) search result rankings. Since search engines are the main source of traffic to a website, it is important to develop a strong SEO strategy. The main purpose behind the inclusion of SEO in your marketing strategy is to increase the number of relevant visitors with a high chance of conversion to a website by ranking higher in search results while following Google’s algorithm changes and updates.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Although there are many different approaches in digital marketing between the concepts of SEO and SEM, search engine marketing, ie SEM strategies, covers both. SEM is mostly used to refer to paid search engine ads content marketing efforts. SEO is a natural way to increase the overall visibility of search engines through organic content. On the other hand, CPC ensures that ads are shown in search results with a pay-per-click system. However, the main difference between the two is that traffic from SEO is free and traffic from CPC is paid.

How Long Does SEO Work Take?

Every business that receives services related to SEO and digital marketing strategies is wondering how and when the results will emerge. SEO is a long-term investment, and when the necessary efforts are implemented correctly by professional SEO experts, the return is very high. SEO strategies require time, planning, and periodic adjustments to increase and maintain search results, return on investment, and overall traffic growth. 

Why SEO Expert?

If you’re ready to take advantage of all the benefits of SEO, then it’s time to look for an SEO Expert to help your business succeed. You may be wondering why you should work with an SEO Consultant. Can’t you do SEO yourself or within the company? Yes you can; but there may be many reasons why you should not.

For example, if you are a business owner, you are unlikely to have time and resources to run an SEO study. In order to make an SEO work work effectively, you need to direct all your energy to information spread over many areas.

How an SEO Expert / SEO Consultant Contributes to Websites?

The SEO Expert is the person who carries out the analysis, tracking, evaluation, application and reporting steps for improving the results ranked according to the queries of the users thanks to the algorithms of the search engines such as Google, and develops special optimization strategies and provides more meaningful traffic from the target audience.

An SEO professional plays an important role in helping companies build their businesses and grow and gain new customers through web traffic. In the digital marketing industry, SEO has emerged as an important tool or process for increasing visibility on Google.