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What is SEO?

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO improves your content, design, and code structure to help search engines discover, crawl and index your website’s pages. Successful implementation of the technical SEO strategy optimizes your site’s page performance and user experience on all devices. It allows you to drive more organic traffic to your pages by improving the visibility and ranking of your website on search engine results pages.

Optimizing Content

Technical SEO is closely related to the optimized marketing of content. Technical SEO supports and improves your content marketing strategy by making the content you publish more accessible and crawlable for search engines. It makes it more useful for everyone who visits your website. 

What is the SEO Standoff?

The SEO acronym consists of the initials of the words “Search Engine Optimization”. Its Turkish is Search Engine Optimization. SEO consists of many on-site and off-site optimizations to make websites crawlable and reliable for search engines while designing websites to provide the best experience for users.

SEO Service is an important digital marketing activity required to naturally rise in search results. When defining the service, first and foremost, all the actions we take to improve the websites are natural. The efficiency from SEO improvements is verified by data on organic traffic from Google and conversion goals.

Why is SEO Necessary?

Creating and constantly refreshing a healthy content profile is one of the most important factors Google considers when looking at your site. The amount of traffic sent to mobile devices is much higher than the traffic sent to traditional desktop devices. With this increase in mobile usage, new and effective SEO opportunities have emerged for companies, such as local search optimization. 

Search Engine Optimization is a very important digital marketing activity. Due to the development of search engines, the foreseeable future impact of SEO Service will not end. Recently, it has been stated that voice and video calls will be very important, but; such searches are dependent on similar considerations to traditional text-based content. As long as this link exists, SEO techniques will continue to be important. 

SEO Work provides longer lasting conversions and may be more important to your social media image. SEO will continue to be a cornerstone of your website or other online assets in many ways. With every update to the search algorithm, Google and other search engines can improve and discover the quality better.

Is my SEO CPC (Advertising)

Both are necessary and important. SEO Work provides longer lasting conversions and may be more important to your social media image. SEO will continue to be a cornerstone of your website or other online assets in many ways. With every update to the search algorithm, Google and other search engines can improve and discover the quality better.

SEO Compliance

SEO Compliant What does it mean?

The quality of the content of websites and its relevance to search queries are evaluated by programs, namely search engine algorithms. Although these algorithms can process very quickly, they cannot even come close to human perception. They can only comment based on their previous experience. Therefore, while web content is designed for humans, it is also made understandable for machines. In addition, search engines have to crawl trillions of content, requiring some technical applications to facilitate this process.

Why are SEO and Google so related?

Google is the most used search engine because its technology has outpaced others in bringing the most relevant results to users. For this reason, it has become the biggest guide in SEO studies that aim to be visible on the internet.

Is it difficult to do SEO?

There are enough resources about SEO on the internet. however, this is when SEO demands the biggest challenge. Experience and experience are required to reduce this time.

SEO Services

How are SEO Service Prices determined?

SEO prices are determined according to goals. The time required for your competition and optimizations is based.

What is SEO Training?

It is a training where SEO experts share their experiences gained over the years. It can be useful to get to know the concept of SEO better and get a general idea. SEO is a creative, strategic and full-time job, it is quite difficult. You can work more efficiently with SEO experts by taking SEO training. 

Expectations What should be?

You must have realistic expectations before hiring an SEO Expert. If we can make a big, positive impact on your business in a short time, how happy it is. However, in SEO, more traffic and conversions, which are the equivalent of our efforts, are time-consuming goals. As a customer, a consensus must be reached on how much budget and time can be achieved at the beginning of the project so that you do not feel cheated and we are not upset.

Can't my website be found without doing SEO?

Without SEO, it’s harder for people to find you. If you don’t, some of your competitors will surely do it, and even your weaker competitors will easily get more potential from you with SEO campaigns. The ratio of online purchases of products and services to other types of purchases is increasing day by day. Even now, almost everyone is searching for products and services on the internet. SEO is a never-ending process. If you are not moving forward and improving your position, you are losing position against your competitors in many ways. 

What is the meaning of the SEO Strategy?

Ignoring the importance and value of SEO is an inexcusable deficiency in your competition. Investing in organic SEO, despite all its challenges, is now more important than ever and this importance continues to grow. If you are interested in being successful in online marketing, your business must have a good SEO strategy. 

Optimization Process

If you are new to search engine optimization and to improve your ranking on Google, this guide and blog posts can help you every step of the way. You may be able to rank high on Google by following an appropriate Process. Many companies cannot rank due to wrong SEO strategies. Being visible on the Internet requires the ability to run many applications at the same time.

Google Algorithm

For those who do not keep up to date with the latest developments in the search engine optimization industry, SEO becomes difficult. Due to recent changes in Google search algorithms, SEO is a topic that many people overlook who do not follow Google’s guidelines, do not update their knowledge, and still think online blogging and video watching is enough to learn.

Why is the system changing?

Getting a website to the first page of Google has been easier in the past. Most people would add keywords, some descriptions to the title, copy and modify the content, and generate hundreds of backlinks to rank high on Google. Now things have changed. Keyword stuffing and Black Hat (unethical) techniques cannot proceed. Some websites may get temporary rankings in the old ways, but when Google detects unethical practices, the rankings will drop and it will be harder to restore them.

Old and new SEO Process

The standard SEO process that many people follow to rank existing or new websites has changed over the years, and the process you followed in the past may no longer work. Some of the old tactics you use to rank your website may not help you get the results you expect. You will need to follow the latest techniques to rank high on Google. This blog has many articles to be more visible in search engines.