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By launching an SEO service, you can ensure your business has the advantage of being ranked on the first page!

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Bursa SEO Uzmanı

SEO – SEM 360°

93% of people entering the internet is starting on search engine! We believe that SEO has tremendous power to change and grow businesses.

If your SEO is good, your website will be ranked on the first page!

SEO Services that Works

Be visible when people look for the products and services you offer , discover ways to get better positioned in the digital world.

  • Better position on Google searches
  • Pull down your website.
  • Get more phone and email.
  • Increase your visits to your business.
  • Many consulting options for your online success
Wondering how?

SEO Specialist

The professional solutions we offer as an SEO Specialist enable you to increase your search networks with natural optimizations, web design , creative services and quality content in a sustainable way. Our commitment is not only to acquire new customers, but to create a predictable system for acquiring new customers.

Bursa Seo Uzmanı

SEO has an important role in helping companies grow and well directing digital marketing activities. 

Working with an SEO Expert:

  • All your digital activities of your competitors receive continuous reports about their activities. 
  • You will be regularly informed about the impacts of your industry throughout the world, the latest trends and the most up-to-date practices.
  • You can create new opportunities by taking reports evaluating your business from many different angles.
Bursa SEO Uzmanı Organik SEO Yerel SEO

We aim to achieve 100% success with SEO Projects, which are fully compliant with Google recommendations and do not violate any instructions. As a digital marketing company, we offer a range of services to help you improve your online promotion.

We are passionate about exploring new strategies, innovation and better experience. As an SEO Specialist, our mission is to maximize the reputation, performance and position of our customers in the Bursa region and ensure that they reach their sales targets.

Rediscover Your Industry

Get continuous reports, analyze and motivate new opportunities to explore your industry and competitors. Discover the applications you need to increase your traffic on internet searches and have a sustainable system to get more customers.

Google’s recommendations on SEO

Corporate Web Design

The positive results of satisfying people who visit our website cannot be ignored, but it is important to remember that this is not the ultimate goal. Our final expectation is sales and the problem is that it doesn’t matter how happy our users are if we can’t sell.

When we talk about driving traffic to our websites, it is important to know that this is not a black or white discussion, but for different websites, different online marketing strategies are required.

Everything is as it should be!

With a flawless SEO, you have a website where you can get maximum availability, original and ongoing support.

  • Increase the availability of your website.
  • Come forward with the latest trends and original designs.
  • Get 2 years support and warranty.
  • Have full control of your website.
bursa web tasarim + seo

Customizable Design

With the most recent applications known, you can manage your website for years without needing anyone and you can ensure its security. You have control to change your Web Design agency at any time without any concern.

SEO Friendly Architecture and Content Design

Even if you don’t get an SEO service , our web design service provides you with the best infrastructure to advance your SEO. Eliminates the possibility of error. Your success is limited to your imagination. As Einstein says, “imagination is more important than knowledge”. 

Responsive Mobile Sites

Although mobile design is standard in many web applications, mobile compatible web design requires a separate content strategy. In cases where competition is high, the content to be presented to a mobile user may be very different from what is presented on the desktop.


If you work with an accurate web design agency, you should not need the services of an SEO expert! Having a strategy to drive traffic to your website is essential for your site’s success. It is also incredibly important to ensure that the marketing methods you choose achieve the highest possible return on investment.

Did you know that in search engine results, 70% of users clicked on organic results rather than ads at the top of the page?

Holistic SEO: Google

Perpetually ranking top on Google requires a comprehensive SEO strategy that focuses on every aspect of your website. Technical specifications, user experience, content on your website, and even the security and speed of your website must be high. In order to maintain and maintain a high position in search queries, it is necessary to continually improve Web Sites with a holistic approach to SEO.

SEO Uzmanı Yılmaz Saraç

Bursa’da etkin olarak sürdürdüğümüz yerel seo hizmetimizle tanışın! Bu konuda kanıtlanmış bir sicile sahip bulunuyoruz

A service that increases the value of your brand and grows your business

Meet with a synergistic, holistic website promotion strategy with the effective use of various online channels, marketing and other elements related to web development along with search engine optimization (SEO).


Get free advice on how to be more visible on the Internet.

100% Success with Local SEO 

The easiest way to increase the efficiency of your business is to optimize your online presence. Our Professional Seo Expertise will bring your company to a much more successful level.

Professional SEO Expertise, based in Bursa, focuses on quality content design with the use of the latest techniques. We are moving forward with an understanding of SEO that carries responsibility and brings concrete results.

Much more than a Web Site design The
SEO Specialist develops strategies to bring relevant users together in the right place and time frame in online environments to transform your potential customers visiting your Web site into loyal customers and to increase your sales.

Firms with high visibility on the Internet are growing 10 times faster!

When brand awareness, sales and all conversions are analyzed, the impact of search engines is 50 times more than the impact of social media and all other channels.

From keyword research to structural corrections, content creation and backlink configuration, we build a strong and proactive strategy based on robust data analysis.

With our Professional SEO Expertise, you take your development to your own control.

SEO Consulting

Corporate consulting with real metrics and proven results

SEO Consultants are responsible for planning, implementing and managing the overall SEO strategy of their companies. Performs a wide variety of tasks such as web analytics, content strategy planning, link building and keyword strategy.

SEO Expertise is the most strategic expression of data analysis, useful and valuable information.

Service at SEO is a set of consulting, development and rebuilding processes to achieve business goals by bringing websites to a position that attracts more traffic on their internet networks.

SEo denetim ve analiz görseli

The content we create for the visitors is worthy of reading, meeting, understanding and benefiting with the right place and time.

In order to reach the maximum number of people, we want our content to be easy to understand, convincing, to define common points between the reader and our visitors and to make comments.

Social Media Management

Social media for businesses is the fastest way to deliver content to the right people at the right time.

Your customers can communicate with you faster and easier through SMM.

Increases your Web Traffic

SMM channels are complementary to a brand’s website. Social media is a great way to reach your users in a convenient and fun way and promote your business. The easiest way to create a natural backlink.

Brand Awareness, Backlink

One of the most important advantages that social media provides to corporate companies is brand awareness. In Social Media, you may not be able to measure the recognition and transformation of your brand as in other organic seo or paid search engine marketing. However, it is the perfect medium and backlink source for building your impression and reputation. 

Messaging via platforms allows us to have an idea of ​​what is important to our customers. It allows us to train our potential customers so that they don’t forget our brands when purchasing decisions are needed.

Although the conversion rate of your business in SMM activities will be lower than in SEO, email marketing, or paid search, it is necessary to use all available channels in conjunction with seo expertise to increase your brand awareness. 

SEO Deals

A robust content strategy supports people on both sides of your products and services.

Professional SEO Expertise can easily visualize your company’s message while planning a content calendar around topics and provides a high authority to your content over time. Today’s content strategies prevent confusion by managing content from a point of view.

Traditionally, you have two marketing options to grow your business. The first option is to spend money on the ads, but it carries the risk of showing your brand cheap. You can even take the wrong customer base. Your second option is to hire an employee, which will be an expensive option. There is a third option; mobilize the world’s most powerful salesperson: use your website!

Review the SEO Service prices and packages. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to collect usage and conversion data from websites and mobile applications.

In order to achieve marketing goals, it is important to collect and analyze data by taking advantage of the advantages offered by Google.

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform is a trusted platform that offers many features for companies such as data analysis and machine learning with the Google infrastructure.

We leverage Google Services to build your online success on the most solid foundation. We support many Bursa companies for GSuite and Cloud Platform integration.

E-Commerce SEO

Our e-commerce SEO Consultancy service is done using e-commerce sites specific techniques. Since the competition in this area is very high, we aim to go beyond Google searches effectively using all other channels. Even though 90% of people entering the Internet to search for anything are starting point search engines, this figure drops to 44% for those who intend to shop online. 64% of people think that customer choice is more important than price in brand selection.

The e-commerce SEO concept requires a more complex optimization with many features. We have a proven track record in e-commerce SEO work with our SEO Expertise, our masters of e-commerce platforms, our software expertise, our activities in social media and our application experience.

E-ticaret siteleri için seo uzmanı


If you think you can market your products abroad by having one of the e-commerce sites marketed as e-export, you are wrong. Because E-export is a long-term Digital Marketing Activity and requires SEO Expertise. The e-commerce packages you purchase are not capable of showing you in a higher position on Google. If you want to understand the fact of e-export, take advantage of our free consultancy and contracted solutions. We can make a presentation on site for the businesses in and around Bursa.

SEO Service

Our SEO service is provided using natural or organic search engine optimization methods that have been tried and tested to increase the amount of quality traffic from a particular website. Using this strategy as a starting point, we can help go up the google results to create potential customers that any business or online service can classify as the ideal customer.

You’re active in different search types, including video, visual and industry-specific searches. The SEO services we provided last year showed that our customers’ online marketing campaigns were successfully improved not only in terms of website visibility, but also in terms of traffic transformation.

Our optimization methods include ethical link building applications, proactive content sharing using the original content writing with a wide range of long-tail keywords and a wide range of existing social media platforms to achieve a more efficient targeting rating.

With our service, we refuse to be seen as an outsourced service provider, called fabrication. On the contrary, we are proud to be an uninterrupted extension of our customers’ sales and marketing team.

We put ourselves in the place of our customers, so we always work closely with our in-house team to better understand our customers’ needs. This gives us a unique position and gives the right perspective to propose precise solutions, proven to provide the expected results.

In our comprehensive SEO service you will find a variety of services such as page optimization, out-of-page optimization, analytics and tracking, monthly progress, tracking reports, website localization, CPC management and SEO maintenance.

As an SEO Specialist and Digital Marketing Agency, we specialize in conversions and user experience issues. The Seo Service is offered as a set of numerous applications, with an understanding of the entire structure of your website. In Bursa, we are pleased to have a proven track record in SEO Service and other digital marketing activities.