Search Engine Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Expertise and Related Services

Frequently asked questions about SEO and related specialist services.

SEO is an investment in your company’s future. Organic traffic from search engine optimization has a much higher return on investment than paid search traffic in the long run. When your website is searched for your most important keywords 1. If it’s not on the page, you’re missing most of your online potential. If you request consultancy, we will provide you with an SEO plan tailored to the needs of your website and provide a roadmap to success.

Are your work in line with the guidelines?

Yes. The main principle in the strategies and techniques we use is following Google’s guidelines while following the best and latest practices.

What is your difference from other SEO Experts?

Every SEO expert promises you a good result, but we have the experience and experience to support this promise. We work with some of Bursa’s largest companies and we have a proven track record in this regard. Unlike what is common in most industries, we do not act with ideas. Our work is based on real data. We don’t look for adventure. We know you don’t just pay us to get better rankings and traffic. The real result is the reputation of your brand and therefore the money that goes into your vault. Knowing this, we work every day to improve the online face of your business.

Will SEO increase my customers and sales?

Yes. Search engine optimization can increase a website’s visibility in search results. This increased visibility allows your potential customers to learn more about your products or services.

Do you do a one-time SEO audit?

Yes. We have options available for businesses looking to diagnose SEO shortcomings their websites may encounter. Our audits provide a roadmap of what needs to be completed to achieve a comprehensive and solid foundation.

For which countries do you provide SEO services?

We can do SEO audit and CPC analysis for more than 50 countries and more than 20 languages, but we can only provide our regular SEO service for English and Turkish speaking countries.

What software do you use?

We use a range of specialized, best-in-class SEO tools as well as some third-party systems to give our clients every advantage.

What is the difference between SEO and CPC?

SEO is a digital marketing strategy made to increase organic search traffic and increase positions in search results. This strategy traditionally has a significantly better return on investment over time compared to Paid Search. The benefit of CPC is that it starts realizing traffic and sales much earlier. SEO and CPC are essential internet marketing strategies for almost every business. If you are not sure which one is right for you, you can request a free consultation. We can help you develop a strategy that meets your needs.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of an SEO campaign varies depending on the targeted keywords, the history of your website, the industry, and the amount of work required to achieve your goals. We work with businesses of all sizes and have affordable solutions that deliver real results. Please contact us for a free consultation and price quote.

How does the search engine work?

When we enter any query in the search bar, many different algorithms start working, competing to get the results higher in the list. These algorithms are a kind of way to transform phrases into multidimensional vectors that represent their meanings. Word-Embedding uses. The vectors of words in our query are compared against a large pre-calculated vector database to find similar words. Another algorithm scans the concept web to find words that have a meaningful relationship to your query. This way, instead of synonyms, pages with directly related words are found. These pages are also listed by other algorithms according to their characteristics such as authority, trust, location.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the art and science of connecting people to website content through a search engine. Good SEO is an in-depth understanding of what potential visitors want to find on the internet, how to provide content that fits that need, making search engines realize that your content is suitable for their users, and technically conform. Websites with high SEO success are the most important features: Visitors, content and technology. See: What is SEO?

How long will it take to see results

It is difficult to predict how long it will take for a website that depends on more than 250 different ranking factors to rank well. In our experience, our customers begin a significant improvement in long tail keywords in the first 90 days and well positioned in more competitive search terms around 180 days. SEO is a long-term strategy but has consistently proven to deliver the best return on investment.

How do you do keyword research?

We use a variety of tools to analyze keywords in all industries. For each search phrase, we try to determine the search volume, the client’s interest in the business, and the keyword’s competitiveness.

Do I have to make changes to my website?

Normally, no structural or design changes are required to properly optimize your website. Most of the work we do is in the code or content of each page. Usually, most customers ask us to make changes, but we can also provide clear instructions if you prefer to implement them in-house.

Are you building links?

We are not focused on the backlink issue, we question its usefulness very often. We help you make connections that we are sure are useful and free of any risk.

Are you outsourcing?

Our business covers a wide range of services. For example, we can design a logo, we have designs that our customers like very much, but it is better that the logo design is done by a real artist, not an SEO expert. When necessary, we work with competent people around the world.

Do you give any guarantees?

Google warns to stay away from companies that claim to guarantee rankings. We are a leading digital marketing agency in Bursa, constantly providing the highest level of service and results to our customers. 1. While we cannot guarantee the order, we have a track record that proves that we deliver good results to our customers.

Can you help sites with Google penalties?

Yes, we are experienced with Google penalty removal guidelines. If your website has been subjected to any manual penalties, please contact us to find out how we can help.

Do you support e-commerce sites?

Yes. E-commerce sites have their own challenges, but you can get successful results from our applications. We can work on various e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify.

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