Who is?

SEO Specialist Yılmaz Saraç specializes in Google search engine organic traffic, local SEO for businesses, corporate content design, development and management of digital marketing campaigns. He is a technical photographer with a traditional advertising background. Living and working Bursa. In addition, he helps clients in social media management, search engine advertising, video production and graphic design.

Sectoral Role

The role of digital marketing in the modern world cannot be underestimated or ignored if it is desired to be online for personal or commercial promotion. Digital marketing involves the effective use of digital technologies and media to make more sales, spread brand awareness.

In the world, efforts are being made to fully digitize every possible area, although it takes some time to take place in some areas, and digital marketing is popular in the world of commerce. In today’s modern business world where technology plays a key role, it is unthinkable that digital marketing techniques and methods are not used for product promotion and brand recognition. In the business world, digital marketing is the management of a company’s or brand’s online presence for commercial purposes.


In a popular search engine, your sites should appear at the top of a search. Online marketing can only reap the benefits if your website is properly optimized.