Link Building

Using this tool, you can create links with included features such as anchor texts, adding a nofollow attribute, opening in a new window.

Create Link How to Create the Right Backlink?

Write an address and an anchor text in each row. Each address will create a link using its respective anchor text. Write the address in full. (http or https or www. if necessary.)

URL List   Anchor Text

Add nofollow   Open Links in New Window
Do not vary phrases (This will create just one .html link per phrase, retaining the order in which they're entered.)


Backlink and Its Importance

If you want to rank on Google, you need to focus on generating quality backlinks. But remember, a quality backlink can be stronger than 1,000 low quality backlinks. So how do we know if a backlink is high quality or low quality? Here’s how high-quality backlinks all have:

  1. Reliable, authoritative They come from websites
    What is jurisdiction? This concept is known as “Domain Authority”, you will see it as DA in reports. Basically, the more authority a site has, the sites it redirects get its share of that authority.
  2. Link the target keyword to anchor text they include.
    Naturally, your links should contain text containing your target keyword. SEO Analysis shows that anchor texts, that is, specific links, are a correlation between higher rankings for that keyword.
  3. The linked site or pages conceptually related .
    This feature is important. Google naturally cares that your links come from websites in your niche.
  4. Dofollow “link
    Google and other search engines can ignore links with “nofollow” tags. Although the algorithm working on this subject is complex, in a basic sense a “dofollow” link guarantees the site it links to.
  5. The connection was made for the first time.
    You may have received many backlinks from a website, but none of these links will be as valuable as the first.